Corporate yoga

Log out. Shut down. Yoga time.

Offer the gift of yoga to your employees.

In the hectic corporate environment employees tend to work very long hours, sitting at a desk, often hunched over a computer, skipping meal breaks and not leaving the office until late evening. These bad habits affect their bodies and minds and lead to stress, anxieties and sickness. A regular yoga practice at the workplace can dramatically help to increase energy level, release tensions, clear mind and recharge. In addition to serving the function of connecting body and mind, yoga is a safe and injury-free practice that can be done with very little space and minimal equipment. It can also be a great team activity that will bring employees together and create a community. Doing yoga is a win-win for employees and the employer. Here is why:

For Employees

– Reduced pains and tensions
– Improved physical fitness
– Reduced levels of stress, tensions and anxiety
– Improved sense of well being
– Increased energy
– Improved mental clarity, focus and concentration

For Employer

– Enhanced workplace community
– Reduced absenteeism
– Increased productivity
– Saved healthcare costs