Aleksandra – The Founder

downloadAleksandra is a certified international yoga teacher based in Hong Kong. She likes to call herself a down-to-earth urban yogi who came across yoga seven years ago at university in London and fell in love with it instantly.

Over time, yoga has become an integral part of Aleksandra’s life that made her feel more empowered, aware and grateful. Whilst having a successful career in fashion, yoga slowly started to take over and as her practice deepened, teaching became a natural progression. She wanted to give back to the community and spread the word about yoga so she quit her corporate job and went to India to become a yoga teacher.

She has taught group and private classes at various yoga studios (Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines) sharing her passion for yoga and helping others to discover its benefits.

Breathe. Move. Heal. Do Yoga.

Having worked long hours in the office environment I know what damage it causes to the body. For me, yoga is a powerful healing tool, it’s a means to finding release the tensions and find the body-mind-spirit connection. It is a moving meditation that helps to locate space in the body which ultimately leads to space in the head. Yoga also taught me how to live in the present mindfully and patiently, as well as how to find health and happiness within myself.

I firmly believe that anyone can practice yoga – you just have to start where you are and do what you can. The yoga I teach is a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, focusing on the alignment, combining core strength, stamina, flexibility with deep relaxation. My classes can be fairly dynamic and playful or gentle and restorative, with different variations of postures to meet the student’s level. I believe we can take as much or as little as we want from yoga as long as it benefits our life, and as such, I don’t take the practice or myself too seriously.

Yoga is a gift and my mission is to shed light on it, I want to share what I know and never stop learning. My students teach me just as much as I teach them!